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Welcome to the Hawks Pride Sports Association

Support Harlan High School Athletics: Join Hawks Pride Sports Association

If you're passionate about empowering Harlan High School student-athletes and bolstering the athletic department, there's no better way to get involved than becoming a member or sponsor of the Hawks Pride Sports Association. By joining us and contributing your time as a volunteer, you can actively participate in a variety of activities and services offered by Hawks Pride – all aimed at enhancing the sports experience for our students.

Why Join Hawks Pride Sports Association?

When you become a member or sponsor of Hawks Pride, you play a crucial role in sustaining and elevating the athletic endeavors of Harlan High School. The funds collected from our dedicated members and the generous donations from our valued sponsors are essential in either fully covering or significantly supplementing the district's budget. This financial support directly impacts crucial aspects like procuring equipment, providing comprehensive training, and fulfilling travel requirements for all Hawks sports teams spanning grades 9 to 12.

Empowering Student-Athletes Across the Board

The success story of Hawks Pride doesn't just end with the financial contributions; it unfolds in the lives of each and every student-athlete we support. The funds raised through Hawks Pride's initiatives go a long way in directly benefiting every student-athlete within our school community. From budding talents to seasoned players, every individual's journey is elevated, and their experiences are enriched.

A Call to Action: Join and Volunteer

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to become a part of Hawks Pride Sports Association. There are two impactful ways through which you can make a difference:

1. Membership and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Membership: By becoming a member, you demonstrate your commitment to nurturing athletic excellence at Harlan High School. Your membership fees contribute directly to the financial pool that fuels our initiatives.

  • Sponsorship: Our sponsors are pillars of support that make our mission possible. Your generous donations lay the foundation for a stronger sports community within the school.

2. Volunteer Engagement

Your time is a precious asset, and by volunteering with Hawks Pride, you amplify the impact of our initiatives.  There are numerous ways in which your help would be appreciated

Final Thoughts

Harlan High School's sports legacy thrives because of the collective effort and unwavering support from individuals like you. Hawks Pride Sports Association serves as a conduit for your passion to translate into real, meaningful change. As a member, sponsor, or volunteer, you contribute to the holistic growth of our student-athletes, helping them excel not only in sports but also in life.

Step forward, be a part of Hawks Pride, and witness the transformational journey of our student-athletes as they reach for the stars, fueled by your unwavering support.

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